Always up-to-date.

In life, there are always moments when decisions need to be made. Premium’s mission is to ensure that these decisions are always based on up-to-date information.

Premium Services

Premium Group’s specialists help and support you with daily affairs as well as in unique and surprising legal and financial matters. Our services cover the needs of companies, foundations and associations as well as private individuals. Whether regarding a company’s accounts, a corporate acquisition or the distribution of inheritance for a private person, Premium’s knowledgeable and skilled staff will help you with these legal and financial matters reliably. If necessary, we can assemble a tailormade team of professionals from both the financial and legal departments to meet your needs.

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The master of street food from the wide world of Middle Eastern tastes, Fafa’s currently has 16 restaurants, 5 of which operate on a franchise basis. Fafa’s has outsourced its accounting and legal services to Premium.