About us

Premium was founded in 2007 with the mission to help customers manage their businesses according to the family office principle. A decade later, Premium is a forerunner in comprehensive management of legal and financial affairs.

Our legal and accounting services go hand in hand. Therefore, we often prefer teamwork among our legal and financial professionals. Our regularly trained staff is always on the ball.

When up-to-date information is available to both the customer and the Premium team, we can work with the customer as one company. Our goal is to make Premium the most insightful actor in legal and financial services and the most desirable workplace in the industry.


Our vision

“Our vision is to create a new industry; law and economics are one.”





ongoing customer relationships


Oscar Geagea - Premium Group

Kati Hakkarainen - Premium Group

Elina Häll - Premium Group

Johanna Hämäläinen - Premium Group

Jaana Heikkinen - Premium Group

Valtteri Isola - Premium Group

Ingrid Kambla-Kuosmanen - Premium Group

Jenna Karttunen - Premium Group

Ville Kulju - Premium Group

Paula Laineenoja - Premium Group

Jaana Latvala-Kerttula - Premium Group

Päivi Lemallem - Premium Group

Taru Lumme - Premium Group

Leona Luukkonen - Premium Group

Arto Martonen - Premium Group

Arto Martonen

Member of Premium Group Oy's board

Johanna Nylund - Premium Group

Markku Pekkola - Premium Group

Markku Pekkola

Member of Premium Group Oy's board

Hanna Peltonen - Premium Group

Henna Pihlman - Premium Group

Pasi Raitala - Premium Group

Jonna Saarinen - Premium Group

Eeva-Maria Seppäläinen - Premium Group

Anne Termonen - Premium Group

Nea Tiukkanen - Premium Group

Tove Wikgren - Premium Group

Our office


Eteläranta 14
00130 Helsinki

Tel. +358 9 622 2605
Fax +358 9 684 31200



121, avenue de la Faiencerie
L-1511 Luxembourg

Tel. +358 400 527 794


Kommendörsgatan 8C
SE-11448 Stockholm, Sweden

Tel. +46 73 368 0500